Thank you, but we are greedy!

Thank you, but we are greedy!


Just wanted to thank you for all of the very kind donations. There has been fantastic support for our event and we are lucky to have such great sponsors and members.

We are Greedy! We would love for more donations that we can use to raise even more money for Help for Heroes, please get in touch if you would like to donate.


Some of the donations for Raffle and Auction :

1 x Oxford & Factory Tour experience! – Thank you Daniel Lynas & Sycamore

6 x Barrett & Coe Family Photo Shoot vouchers

Mini Cooper Photo Frame – Thank you Phil Alsford

£25 Hungry Horse Voucher – Thank you Martin Mortimer

Detail & Surface Protection Package – Thank you Elliot Stafford

Service Voucher for your Mini – Thank you Ted

£180 off Mini interior – Newton Commercials

Car Cleaning Kit / Mini Tea Caddies / Paint Sealant Kit – Thank you Wendy Mortimer

1 x Alcoholic / 1 x Non Alcoholic Adnams Gift Pack – Thank you Adnams

2 x Corgi Mini for Heroes – Thank you Mini for Heroes

1 x Signed Hat (Nicolas Hamilton!) /  1 x Classic Mini oil – Thank you Tom Reader

1 x Pair of Mini Side Scuttles – Thank you Lisa Barnes

1 x Mini DVD Story – Thank you Pep Riotto

Various Easter Eggs!! – Thanks to all

Lucky Dip Bag items – Thank you Neal & Gary from Norfolk MINI.


Apologies if I’ve left anyone or anything off!

4 comments on “Thank you, but we are greedy!”

  1. Karl Boldy
    11:57 am


    1 x Diamond Brite Car Kit / 1 x Iphone USB cable / 1 x set of 2nd Gen Hatch mats – Thank you Karl Boldy & Toni Barnard

  2. Karl Boldy
    12:29 pm


    2 x A2 Clubman Calendars – Thank you Karl Boldy & Toni Barnard

  3. Karl Boldy
    6:31 pm


    1x New Mini oil / Beanies / Mugs – Thank you again Tom Reader 🙂

  4. Karl Boldy
    11:00 am


    1 x Incredible Help for Heroes / Mini for Heroes Cake – Thank you Iain and Ian!

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