Facebook Changes

Facebook Changes


Changes to how we are using Social Media.

With the launch of the new website we are making a few changes to how we use Facebook and our website and where you will be able to sign up for events.


Facebook Group VS Facebook Page

For a while now the club has had a presence on Facebook as a Facebook group. This has been great in mingling members with non-members, however the introduction of events to this created a bit of a nightmare for members trying to sign up here and on the forum system (old website). All very confusing for members and the committee trying to manage the events, so…the below may help explain what is what going forward.


Facebook GroupThis will be the ECMC Lounge.

In the lounge members and non-members can chat, discuss and share all sorts of mini related things. In general this is our chat area. There will be no events in here – all events are from the main website. There will be no selling or advertising in here, except for club members and sponsors. It’s as simple as that. You can discuss events, we may choose to ‘share’ an event into this group from the Page or Website especially for public events.

Facebook PageThis is the link from the New Website.

We built a social media platform last year ready for this. Our new website will update our social media platforms, should be choose to, automatically meaning that new events and news items will be shared around our network at the speed of light…well nearly. Follow our Facebook Page and stay up to date with the latest activity for the club, follow us on Twitter, Tumblr. We also use Flickr and Instagram on occasion.



ECMC Committee


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