New Website - User Guides

New Website - User Guides


It's here, but do not fear !

We have put together some basic user guides which aim to help both guests and members find there way around. They are basic but hopefully you will find them useful in getting to know the new site.


Members - Most importantly make sure you read the 'How to login for the first time'.


Documents available:


Guests -

How to add a comment to a page - Public

How to contact the club - Public

How to sign up to an event - Public

How to sign up to the club - Public


Members -

How to Login for the first time and profiles - Members

How to add a comment to a page - Members

How to sign up to an event - Members

News and FB group vs FB Page - Members

What is where - Members



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  1. […] Are you struggling to find the event you are looking for? All the instructions on how to find events and use our club website can be found here – How To and User Guides […]

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