Members Chat Trial

Members Chat Trial


We continue to work on the new club website in the background. There are a few features and tweaks we are working on to try and make your experience easier and better with the clubs website.

A new feature that we are trialing on the club site is a Members Chat Lounge tool.

When logged into the club website a chat option will be displayed with a Members Lounge Chatroom. Much like Facebook, this is a chat tool that club members can use to keep in touch and discuss various items from the comforts of the club website.

Please note this is a trial currently so we can gauge interest in this tool.

6 comments on “Members Chat Trial”

  1. Pep Riotto
    6:13 am


    So…What are you up to today?

  2. Ben Kline
    9:39 am


    Hmmm. Not much, just work. You?

  3. Karl Boldy
    11:49 am


    Just a heads up, the chat window show be displayed in the bottom right of the screen when you are logged in.

  4. FOZ
    10:32 am


    Hi all just thought I would try this out. Also is the club attending the Mega Mini meet at Lytham Hall on 19th June. I thought I saw a post about it on the events page but now I can’t see it?

  5. Toni
    11:06 am


    Hi John, if you log into the site you should be able to see all events (you might need to use the search functions in the events section) and a ‘Chat’ window should also be available to you for general chit-chat 🙂 if you get stuck let me know.
    Link to Mega Mini Meet is here:

  6. FOZ
    11:23 am


    Hi Toni, thanks now found it by selecting June 2016. I had assumed that the events page automatically showed all events in chronological order but it just appears to show a selection, this could be confusing some people or maybe just me!

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