Have you joined ECMC yet?

Have you joined ECMC yet?


Like what you see with the East Coast Mini Club family? Thought about signing up and becoming a full member?

Do it :) We would love to see you and your beloved Mini more often.

What are the benefits? Besides joining a friendly bunch of Miniacs!

Some benefits listed below:

  • Great discounts at all types of places using your membership card with our Club Sponsors - Click Here
  • Exclusive and full access to our range of shows and events - Click Here
  • Discounts at certain shows and events
  • Club Stand places
  • Exclusive club merchandise
  • Full access to our main sites with the ability to sell

Sign Up today by following the instructions here


Find us on Social Media too:

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Follow us on Twitter - @MiniClubECMC
Follow us on Instagram - miniclubecmc
Follow us on Tumblr -http://miniclubecmc.tumblr.com/
Follow us on Flickr -https://www.flickr.com/photos/133626136@N08/

4 comments on “Have you joined ECMC yet?”

  1. Sim
    9:31 am


    Hi still not heard about membership form and cheque!

    1. Tom Reader
      7:56 am


      Hi Sim sorry if no one has come back in will follow up for you tom

    2. Karl Boldy
      7:57 am


      Hi Sim, we are looking into this for you. Can I check a couple of things please, when and where did you send the cheque to? As of February this year we tend to use our online signup form via this website, it is possible that the form you used could have the old membership secretary details on it from 2014-2015. We will be checking this avenue also and will come back to you soon. Thank you

      1. Sim
        8:20 am


        Hi , I filled the form in , got it off a member at santapod , can’t remember much else sorry , I’ll cancel the cheque and use online
        Also gutted no one got back to me ref yesterday’s breakfast meet

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