Have you joined ECMC yet?

Have you joined ECMC yet?


Like what you see with the East Coast Mini Club family? Thought about signing up and becoming a full member?

Do it :) We would love to see you and your beloved Mini more often.

What are the benefits? Besides joining a friendly bunch of Miniacs!

Some benefits listed below:

  • Great discounts at all types of places using your membership card with our Club Sponsors - Click Here
  • Exclusive and full access to our range of shows and events - Click Here
  • Discounts at certain shows and events
  • Club Stand places
  • Exclusive club merchandise
  • Full access to our main sites with the ability to sell

Sign Up today by following the instructions here


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9 comments on “Have you joined ECMC yet?”

  1. Jason chapman
    12:49 pm


    Hi, I paid to join last week, and as yet not herd anything. 🙁

    1. Karl Boldy
      6:35 pm


      Hi Jason,
      Really glad you are keen to sign up with us 🙂
      We usually process once a week (7 days noted on the signup page) and the last batch was completed Thursday morning. It looks like your signup was Thursday afternoon, I can confirm we have your details ( we will check for payment ), can I ask you to complete the form again for your joint member? So that we have information for both yourself and the joint member, with unique email addresses please 🙂
      Thank you!

  2. jason
    7:10 pm


    Hiya, thanks for updating, I did payment for myself, sadly, nobody has the same passion as myself for my car in my household, 🙂

    1. Karl Boldy
      7:04 am


      No problem Jason, you never know in the future 🙂 plenty of people passionate about minis here! I’ll have your membership pack posted out for the weekend.

    2. Karl Boldy
      10:36 pm


      Membership pack is in the post Jason 🙂

  3. Sim daniels
    1:01 pm


    Hi guys
    Sent membership form and cheque
    No heard back ,
    Please advise

    1. Tom Reader
      8:22 pm


      Hi sim I will have a word and get back to you

  4. Martin Hobart
    4:31 pm


    Paid membership and provided details on 27th August. Have not received new membership card yet (old card runs out in September).

    1. Karl Boldy
      12:54 pm


      Hi Martin,
      We recently changed our membership secretary. I can see the money is in and will poke our new membership secretary to assist further. Thanks, Karl.

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