Lotus Track Day

Lotus Track Day

21.02.2016 - 21.02.2016 3

Lotus Track Day - ECMC Member Special

What's it all about...

ECMC club members have been invited to a special event managed by Magnitude Events.

Magnitude Events would like to invite 15 club members of East Coast Mini Club to take your Minis out on the official recently refurbished Lotus Test Track Hethel!
Our company has an exclusive relaxed track event event which is being hosted at the home of Lotus Cars on Feb 21st. We have numerous groups coming along to participate, including Norfolk Fives, East Coast Retros and Magnitude Retro Car Club.
We have one slot left for a local club to come and have their own exclusive hour on the test track. In other words ECMC would be the only ones on track for an hour! What’s the catch? There is none! what’s the cost? Just £30.00 for the hour!

Very importantly these aren’t race days but a chance for your group to socialise at a fun event where East Anglia’s car scene can come together and enjoy their love of cars. We have over 60 cars registered so far so should be a great event.


Those 'signed up' to this event are...

  • Darren Mcginty

3 comments on “Lotus Track Day”

  1. Jeanette Kinnard
    12:00 pm


    Can we spectate or do with have to pay the £30 to attend

  2. Karl Boldy
    12:41 pm


    Hey Net 🙂 Unfortunately this is the only event still being purely managed on Facebook. Alex Burke (I think) is the man person to ask as he his running the show for this one. Please check via the Facebook event link, I’m sure he will be able to assist. I have a sneaky suspicion that due to security it is only paid people going on the track who can enter the site !

  3. Alec Eyre
    12:44 pm


    Hi Net, I believe it is possible to go with another member as a guest but you will need to pre book a different type of entry.

    Full event details are available to members once they have log into the site. Check out our “How to” guides in the news items on the front page for more information on how to log in for the first time.

    Or drop me a message and I will be happy to help you if you have any trouble logging in.


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