ECMC Monthly Newsletter

ECMC Monthly Newsletter


It's arrived!!

During the first week of each month we intend to send out a newsletter to all our current club members.

It's another way for us to communicate directly with our members on the most recent news, which events are coming up in the next couple of months and some other general club bits and bobs.

It will go to the email address entered to your account on this club website. You can edit your email address from your account if you would like to change where you receive it. Also please note you may need to check your spam or junk folders to train your personal email account to understand that ECMC is you friend :)

The first one has been sent out now for April, we hope you like it!


3 comments on “ECMC Monthly Newsletter”

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  2. David
    9:20 am


    It would be useful to be able to access the newsletter from the website to in case it went astray from our emails…..

  3. Karl Boldy
    9:50 am


    Hi David, good thinking 🙂 when the next one comes out next week I will try to include a members only news article with the link embedded. This should do the trick.

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