ECMC - Your club needs you

ECMC - Your club needs you


We are delighted to tell you another milestone has been reached for the club, we have over 150 active paid members currently, how exciting is that!

Our club is growing and we have been working on building a strong foundation to grow from. Now that most things are in place we expect the club to continue to grow and expand.

A big reason for this is YOU! Friendly, welcoming, loving and all round mini nuts!

As the club grows, we still have a small team of dedicated people giving up their free time to organise and keep things running.

This is every bit your club and you can make a difference. You get out of this club what you put into it and your club needs your help.

The club committee recently agreed to reach out to all our club members to see who fancies getting their hands dirty.


We are looking for:

4 x Area Representatives - 1 more area rep for each area, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. This will double the number of area reps and allow more reps to work together.

4 x Club Helpers - In the past the club's benefited from having club helpers on board to help out with various things. We would like to have more club helpers around who can assist and get involved.

1 x Vice Chairman - Of course this role on the committee is still vacant as advertised previously.

Many hands make light work and if you have time to spare and would love to get involved more to create a bigger and better club with us  then get in touch with me please!

Email Karl Boldy at or use the Contact Us form.

Lets continue to raise the roof for our club.

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