Easter Run - Trophy Time

Easter Run - Trophy Time


Our good friends at East Anglian Mini Centre have kindly put on a best modern MINI and best classic Mini event for the Easter Charity Run.

Within your run pack run notes you will find a voting slip, this voting slip is to be used to out the registration of the modern MINI and classic Mini you wish to vote for. Once completed you can hand this voting slip in to one of the people in Hi-Vis in order to get your vote counted.

Good luck all and Thank You to our friends at East Anglian Mini Centre.

Click Here to get signed up now

2 comments on “Easter Run – Trophy Time”

  1. steve bryant
    7:10 pm


    Hello as yet I have not received a mini run pack have paid and signed up

    1. Karl Boldy
      8:23 pm


      Hi Steve, if you have paid and signed up for the Easter Run you pick up your reserved run pack on sign in on the day 🙂 sign in is from 9am prior to the run brief. See you soon!

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