Detail Your Eyecandy

Detail Your Eyecandy


Club members are lucky enough to save a huge 20% off all work carried out at Detail Your Eye Candy.

Club members have already been and seen the results for themselves. We are lucky enough to have Elliot as a part of our club and on board in offering our club a great discount.

A little about the business:
Detail Your Eyecandy was created by Elliot Stafford. Elliot is the ultimate car enthusiast and has been from a very young age. He has always taken a huge amount of pride and satisfaction in keeping his own vehicles looking their absolute best.
Prior to starting Detail Your Eyecandy Elliot worked part time detailing vehicles for a prestigious car dealership as well as working for Silverstone and Brands Hatch as an ARDS qualified Motor Racing Instructor. This coincided with preparing classic cars and detailing vehicles for friends and family, primarily as a hobby. Elliot then made the decision to launch his own vehicle detailing business, as he wanted to offer a detailing service to fellow car enthusiasts that was professional, courteous and reliable. Elliot’s dedication and skill is simple to see in the quality of finish he achieves on all of the vehicles he details.

Don't miss out an enjoy another great benefit of being a member of East Coast Mini Club.

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