Committee Update

Committee Update


Dear Members,

I am very proud of where the club has grown and the achievements we have accomplished together. We have flourished and reached some record breaking targets and there is still more to come I feel. The club has record membership, a solid financial position, more club meets and events than ever before and much more.

I've personally enjoyed some very busy, and tiring, years on the committee helping in various roles and working to push the club forward.

Although not all of my decisions have been popular across all members, they have always been with the clubs best interests at heart and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made.

During my time on the committee I have made some incredible friends who I will never forget, this is one of the best things about the club. It's ability to bring people together from across the counties and build amazing long lasting relationships.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing journey and sharing it with you all, however the time has come for me to step aside. I put a lot on hold personally in order to make room for running the club and managing things in the background, which was my decision at the time, and now it's time for me to get back on track personally.

Over 6 weeks ago I let the committee know my intentions and agreed to help with handovers and training, nearly 4 weeks ago an announcement was published to the club and now the time has come. I will still be around in the background for anyone, including the committee, to approach and will help where ever possible as always.

I would like to thank you all for your support and votes over the past few years, also thanks for putting up with the nut job called Karl!

I'm confident the club will continue forward, there is a great committee in the background making things happen for you. Remember, your club needs you! Please do step forward and reach out to the committee to let them know you would like to help. This club would not exist without the members help and support. You can make a difference.

One last thing, thank you to the current and past committees. All the individuals who participate at this level do it for free and in their own time, thank you for all your efforts and support.

Thank you all

Karl Boldy


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