Committee Update 27th Aug 2016

Committee Update 27th Aug 2016


Dear members,

A lot has happened in the background since the Club’s AGM a month ago and our first committee from last weekend. There are some leavers and movers with regards to committee roles and below is the updates for the changes, please thank those who have served our club and those who are taking on more responsibilities.

Merchandise – Alec has decided to step down from this role due to personal reasons. I would like to thank Alec for his hard work on the committee over the past year in the roles he has officially held and the unofficial roles too. I cannot imagine how difficult it has been when he was not able to drive, yet still determined to attend and help every time. I feel this is a great loss to the committee, however you need to do what is right for you. Alec is in the process of handing over to Tom Reader who during our committee meeting stepped up to fill the gap. Thanks again Alec! Also thank you Tom :) Both Kevin and Tom will be working together to kick start a new streamlined and simple merchandise setup, I’m sure you will hear and see more about this in the near future.

Membership – Toni has decided to step down from this role due to personal reasons. Toni has done a fantastic job of streamlining and making a more consistent and personal experience, let alone getting stuck in with committee tasks and activities. Also Toni has supported me massively with various club tasks in the background. In the interim I have stepped in to assist, during our committee meeting Suzanne stepped up and will be taking this on from the end of August. Please bear with us whilst this process is handed over. Thank you Toni and Thank you Suzanne for stepping up on this one.

Chairman / IT – My personal situation has changed and I am taking on a huge new role at work at the beginning of October. With my personal commitments free time is minimal and I will therefore be taking a huge step to the side and in the interim continue to handover, train and assist where I can. Our Vice Chairman Kevin has already picked up several items and is continuing to drive things forward. Further updates will happen over the coming weeks, in the mean time we will continue to operate as a team and progress the club.

We have a much larger team than before and we have some very talented and keen people on board to help. I am confident with the team working together the club will be able to continue to grow and better itself. We will also be reaching out to you, the club members, to get help for tasks from the club making use of our large and diverse club.

Mini on folks!

8 comments on “Committee Update 27th Aug 2016”

  1. Iain Taylor
    10:00 pm


    It seems Ian harries can’t log on to the site and has been suspended , can someone please tell me why this has happened , we are both paid members . It also seems these comments get deleted , why is that ? It’s a simple question

    1. Tom Reader
      8:45 pm


      Hi Iain

      Sorry for the delay. I understand that Ian has left the club and so his access has been removed. I wasn’t aware of any other comments being deleted although I have not had administration access for that long.
      Is there anything specific I can help you with. Regards Tom

      1. Iain taylor
        9:39 pm


        Ian and myself are still paid members and he has not left the club. He is no longer on the face book page but that doesn’t mean he has left the club. Please can you give him back access to the website.

      2. Iain taylor
        2:27 pm


        Ian has not left the club please reinstate his log on for the website.

        1. Tom Reader
          8:11 pm


          Hi Ian sorry again for the delay I am going to see if I can get the matter resolved.


          1. Iain taylor
            8:15 pm

            Thanks Tom

          2. Tom Reader
            10:20 pm

            Dear Iain

            I have looking into the matter. I understand that ian has left the club after a disagreement with the committee before I joined. His behaviour was in breach of the club constitution and those comments would have resulted in membership being terminated.Before this happened he publicly quit and his membership access was holted. I do not want to be drawn into argument about what was said by those involved, at the present time I am unable to restore his access

            Im sorry that I can help any further with this matter. If Iain or yourself would like to discuss the matter with I will happily talk on the phone later in the week when I’m free.

            Tom Reader

          3. Iain taylor
            7:09 am

            That’s what we thought you would say as we assumed that you would base your decision on one side of the story.

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