Club Website Updates

Club Website Updates


We are constantly monitoring the club website and happy to receive feedback as this might help us improve things! There has been a few updates and new features added, please find a summary below:

Please remember you should always be logged into the club site to get the best of it, a lot of functions are based on members being logged in to really utilise the site.


1 - Did you sign up to an event? Going forward once you sign up to an event and then go back to revisit the event in the future it will display a message to remind you that you have signed up already. The event 'Sign Up' button will also disappear so you can't double up. You should still receive the confirmation email as normal, events signed up to prior to the 25th April will not change, only sign ups going forward. If you get stuck just leave a comment on the site and we will check for you.


2 - Event Availability - There was some confusion on events not yet opened and sold out events, be confused no more! The website will now display 3 messages, or status'if you like for an event.

A - Event not Open Yet = As it says on the tin!

B - We are Sorry, this Event is Sold Out = Again as it says on the tin!

C - Place Left = This will read Places Left next to the Quantity available, EG 'Places Left 8'


3 - Birthdays - New widget added to the homepage to help celebrate and share Birthday wishes for club members. Simply ensure your account / profile contains your date of birth in the format, DD/MM/YYYY.


Other Recent Changes:

ECMC - Monthly News Letter

ECMC - Members Chat Lounge


Tinkering will continue in batches so please feel free to comment back any ideas or suggestions so that they can be considered.


Thank you!

4 comments on “Club Website Updates”

  1. Steve Bryant
    9:26 am


    L2B event

    The header states a number of places left yet the place where the event direct states sold out so do you have a number of tickets for 22.05.16 you have not got cars for if So would be interested in paying for one and attending

  2. Karl Boldy
    9:53 am


    Hi Steve, our club event for L2B shows we have 11 spaces available. This is places to go along with the ECMC guys to attend the show together as a group. We do not sell tickets for the London the Brighton event, these are exclusively sold through the event organisers and tend to sell out same day of release.
    ECMC L2B event –
    L2B Tickets (sold by Mini Spares ) –

  3. Kev
    4:19 pm


    It would be good to see who has signed up to an event like the forum displayed- if you can build this in?

    1. Karl Boldy
      10:11 pm


      Hi Kev, this has come up a couple of times now so it is on the dev list. Unfortunately it’s not a quick thing to change / code. In the mean time members can do as described in the guides / instructions when we went live which is to use the comments to pop a little ‘I’ve signed up’ comment. This way people can see who is attending as planned since go live however it would also work as a quick fix in the interium. hope this helps.

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