BBC Show calls for help!

BBC Show calls for help!


Calling all club members.

We have been contacted by a researcher looking for some fantastic mini's that might be willing to participate in filming on the 9th July for the show!

For full details check out the message below:


I'm a Researcher working on a BBC Show and wanted to approach the club about a recreation film we're making. It's all about The Italian Job (I'm sure you could have guessed!) and recreating the scene where all the minis are being driven into the back of the coach at the end of the 'chase' scene. We want to be as true to the original as possible, as well as being safe in what we're looking to achieve, of course. To this end we are using the services of a stunt driver and stunt coordinator, and filming with the team at Bickers Action just outside Ipswich; hence why I'm coming to you. Now all we need are the cars and their owners! It'd be lovely (indeed perfect) if there were 3 willing owners in the Norfolk/Ipswich area who had red/white/blue Mk 1's and were happy - insurance permitting - to potentially drive alongside the 'stunt' mini within the film. I'd be happy to explain further of course; most importantly the date we would be filming is Thursday 7th July. I'd be happy to also talk about expenses as well for the owners/drivers (although we don't have big feature film budgets I'm afraid). I thought it best to get in touch now seeing as you have the big show coming up this Sunday, so you may be seeing lots of owners there? Would love to talk to anyone who's interested in taking part.

Many thanks,

Kate Samways

0117 910 2011

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