AGM - Thank You and Welcome!

AGM - Thank You and Welcome!


Hi all, thank you to all those who were able to attend our AGM on Sunday the 24th July. It was great to see both members and non-members coming along to say hello. The weather was great, the level of cake was very strong and it was a wonderful day spent with great people.

I would like to say a big thank you to the outgoing  committee of 2015-2016, for all their hard work and dedication over the past 11 months. We started with a new committee and faced a lot of challenges along the way but I am proud of what we have achieved together. Thank you to those individuals who stepped up to really take part and get things done for the good of the club.

We have seen a record amount of money raised for charity for our club Easter Event, multiple monthly meets, new and exciting events added to our club calendar, new club website, highest member numbers yet, the return of the club newsletter, strong club bank balance and much more.

All of this is done by people volunteering to give up their spare time and it is only through their efforts that this is all possible. So – Thank You!

Now comes the time where we welcome in the new committee for 2016-2017. At the AGM on Sunday final votes were cast and all tallied up to provide us the end results. We also had a few people come forward to help fill roles that had no nominations, thank you! I am pleased to announce the following roles and names making your new committee, please give them a warm welcome:

Chairman – Karl Boldy

Vice Chairman – Kevin Smith

Treasurer – Suzanne Baker

Membership Secretary – Toni Barnard

Club Secretary – Alex Graham

Merchandise – Alec Eyre

Events Coordinator – Jeanette Kinnard

Fundraiser – Tom Reader

IT – Karl Boldy

Cambridge Area Rep – Pep Riotto

Cambridge Assistant Area Rep – Faye Buttress

Essex Area Rep – Sarah Larner

Essex Assistant Area Rep – Josh Fulcher

Suffolk Area Rep – Carl George

Suffolk Assistant Area Rep – Alex Graham

Norfolk Area Rep – Lisa Wrigglesworth

Norfolk Assistant Area Rep – Lisa Barnes

Club helpers – Wendy Mortimer, Steve Best, Pep Riotto, Tom Reader, Will Carter


Thank you to all those who came forward to help their club, if your name is not above please don’t despair as we always love a helping hand and can utilise you somewhere. Please feel free to get in touch and we will gladly work with you.

We go into 2016-2017 with some familiar faces on the committee and with some new ones which I think is fantastic. It is a bigger team than before and I’m hoping this means we will be able to do even more for our growing, thriving club. Please give us time to adjust and transition to this new team and here’s to the new club year !

Kind Regards

Karl Boldy

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