Lavenham rare breeds car show

Lavenham rare breeds car show

28.08.2016 - 28.08.2016 19

Lavenham rare breeds car show.
This popular event returns for 2016 and takes part in the fantastic Suffolk medieval wool town, Lavenham.

It takes place on their popular carnival weekend.

This year the events take place on the Sunday rather than the usual Monday.

Sign up below.

What's it all about...

A great collection of vehicles, from Vintage to classics and modern and future classics in a great location

Where and when...

Time: No details available for this just yet, meet point to follow soon!

Location: Lavenham Cricket Green, Suffolk.


How to Sign Up...


Sign up using the ‘Sign Up’ button below to get your name on the club stand list.

please provide you car details you will be attending in  if different from your registered vehicle.


Those 'signed up' to this event are...

  • Graham Loveland
  • Carolyn Carrington
  • Alex Graham
  • Carl George
  • Judith Taylor
  • Wendy Mortimer
  • Dan Bragg
  • Suzanne Baker

7 comments on “Lavenham rare breeds car show”

  1. Suzanne Baker
    7:44 pm


    Whoop, whoop

    1. Wendy Mortimer
      8:23 am


      You signing up Suz ?

  2. Dan Bragg
    6:04 pm


    signed up 😀

    1. Wendy Mortimer
      8:24 am


      Hi Dan, this show is on the 28th August, Sunday.
      I’ll need the following details from you.
      Reg Number, year of manufacture, make and model of the car that you are bringing.Thank you.

  3. Wendy Mortimer
    9:14 am


    Form has now been sent in for this show.

    This year your Vehicle pass will allow you into the show ground and you will be given a free Programme/entry for one person, if there is more than one of you and you leave the showground to look around Lavenham, you would need to purchase another programme for entry back into the show per person.

  4. Wendy Mortimer
    11:49 am


    I have booked the local pub for lunch, like we have done before, for the 10 people that are signed up, 7 have confirmed for lunch.
    Suz, Carl, Alex can you let me know please as soon as possible if you will join us.

    Thank you.

  5. Kerry Humphreys
    7:29 pm


    Sorry can’t make this one. It’s all about dogs at the showground. Hope weather is better for you than last year.

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