Cambs Breakfast Meet - March 2018

Cambs Breakfast Meet - March 2018

25.03.2018 - 25.03.2018 9

Join us for breakfast at the Harvester, Cygnet Park, Peterborough on the 25th March at 9:30

What's It All About...

With the weather getting better and the mornings getting lighter, it’s time to venture out and join your fellow club members and, hopefully, non-members for breakfast. We have a table booked at the Harvester at Cygnet Park at 9:30 and, weather permitting, will do a run afterwards out to the Welland Viaduct for some photos (about an hour each way according to Google Maps).

The breakfast menu can be viewed here:

Where and When...

Where: Harvester Pavilions, 32 Phorpres Close, Peterborough, PE7 8FD

When: table is booked for 9:30, so turn up a bit before if it’s dry.

Those 'signed up' to this event are...

  • Simon Davies
  • Pavan Mathur
  • Nick Chilman

2 comments on “Cambs Breakfast Meet – March 2018”

  1. Tom Reader
    6:07 pm


    Signed already
    Pep x3
    Tom Roy x2
    Bryan Anderson x1 ( Big Breaskfast !)

  2. Bryan Anderson
    5:53 pm


    There’s an ALL YOU CAN EAT option! 🙂

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