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The Mini run returns!

Ecmc Jubliee Charity Mini Run 2022 We are back and ready for another mini run, why not join 70+mini of all ages and sizes in a drive through the Suffolk countryside. All Minis welcome "big and small we love them all" A fun pack day awaits with all the normal ECMC laughs along...

The Mini Run Returns for 2022

Mini madness is back, why not join us on 1st May for our annual Charity Mini Run!! Details to follow very soon...

The first breakfast meet of the year!

Great to see so many of our members out and on dark and wet morning   Thanks to all those who braved the weather! See you at the next meet  ...

First Breekmeet of the Year!

Right! We are back for 2022! Fancy a mini meet ... fancy a spot of breakfast Why not join us on the 20th February in Bury clean or dirty we dont mind, laugh be prepared for a laugh and agood meal Check out the link below for all the details!  ...

East Coast Mini Club Charity Run 2022

Mini Run 2021! ❤Raising money for Mind Suffolk!!!❤ The ECMC committee are pleased to confirm the 2021 charity run will be held on the 29th August, registration will begin at 08:30 and the run will commence at 09:30 from the ever popular Ram Meadow car park. The run is open to both members...

ECMC events return!

Its great to be out in the road again!   We had a fantastic meet at Arbuckles near Downham Market here a few of the photos...

ECMC Charity Mini Run 2021

Our charity run is now live! Head on on over to Mini Run 2021 and sign up today...

The Life Of Riley

Ivan and Alison's 1969 Riley Elf is a firm favourite at Ecmc. The fully restored Elf, looks great in Primrose Yellow and its 1275 A series engine punches well above it's weight.The highly tuned race specification engine means its has the performance to match its looks The car is often seen...

The Minimum's Maximum Mini

Wendy Mortimer is one of our longest serving members, she been with us since the club started back in 2004. She has owned a number of different minis over the years from classics to the latest gen 3. Always on hand on the Ecmc committee, helping behind the scenes and at...

New Facebook Cover Competition Winner


A Beast of a Mini....

Ecmc member Alan Shepherd's modifed mini is grown from a standard 2015 F56 JCW Mini to a beast of a car. Alan is a well know and active member of Ecmc serving on the committee for many years and a regular at events. Alan's car history features a number minis, both modern...

Minis in the Snow

Brrrr! Its been cold this week! We had some snow this week, here some pictures of our member's cars out in the cold...

Meet Panda the Clubbie!

Mark Redgrave, your friendly neighbourhoid vice chairman if ECMC is well know for his clubbie "Panda" but how did Mark end up with such a unique Clubbie? I asked Mark about his car history and what makes Panda so special "So here goes I’d had a mini then bought a Mercedes SLK...

A Mini Batmoblie

Steven Kinnard's a local hero with his Batman theme R53 Gen 1 Mini, from its Batman theme window tints and personalised number plate. Its sounds the part with a Miktek exhaust too. A great looking mini...

Winterising your Mini

With your pride and joy hopefully tucked up in a warm garage for the winter why not take a few minutes to read this useful guide to winterising your car. With lockdown in effect and your Mini maybe do little or no miles its worth considering some of these points as...


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